Olympic athlete Raquel González talks to us about the importance of wearing sunglasses when practicing high-level sports.

Athletic shoes, sports kit and my Slastik Sun® sunglasses.

These are the three things I always have with me, in the training bag or in the carry-on luggage. The majority of athletes have ‘sacred’ items that will never be checked in. Clearly, there is doubt about the importance of athletic shoes and the sports kit, but now you will hear why sunglasses are also indispensable.

Protection from sunlight goes hand in hand with caring about your eyes, but I want to go further. Wearing sunglasses can bring sporting benefits. The most prominent, after taking care of our vision, is the their ability to relax the face.  Are you battling, frowning to keep your eyes open? This is a massive waste of energy that we should save to deal with other stresses. It is very important to have a relaxed face. Better vision also makes us calmer and helps us with decision making.

Raquel González con sus Slastik Sun

In my case, I go for Slastik Sun® sunglasses, because once attached, the frame is secured right round the head to avoid falling off or bouncing around during sports. For those who are wondering if the elastic tightens, there is no doubt that you’ll notice it.

Another interesting point is the lenses. As well as being polarised, they allow water or sweat to slide off the lens so there is no visual distortion. It’s amazing.  As you already know – probably everyone does who reads this – we sometimes grab a bottle of water to cool down or work up a good sweat, so there is a real benefit with this Water Proof system.

Now you know why I always compete or train with sunglasses on. In sports at the highest level, we look at every tiny detail, and their factoring can make the biggest difference. The Slastik Sun® sunglasses care for my eyes and also help me to reach peak performance.