Focus. Your goals are there in front of you and you can not let the solar reflection stop you from seeing them.

Practicing water sports in summer is the best option to keep us in shape with this heat. We already know that we must put on sunscreen to avoid burns, but we are still not aware of the problems for our eyes if we do not protect them well. We have to choose sunglasses that block 100% UV rays to prevent future eye injuries. And, something more obvious, we have to take them whenever we go outside. So far, we know the problems of practicing sports with glasses: they bother, they fall, they bounce, they slip…, and an endless discomforts that makes us leave the sunglasses at home when we go to train.

Pic; Raquel González (Athletics).

There is nothing worse than to deconcentrate while we are focus on our training. And that’s why we specifically designed our sport glasses. Light glasses, that can be adapted to your head, that do not press the temple. A pair of sunglasses that will provide you optimal support without giving up the design.

Treated with Water Repellent incorporating a super hydrophobic system to make sure that liquids slide off without causing marks or scratches.

Do you want to try impossible balance poses? No problem. You can do all the movements you want while your Slastik Sun’s remain in place. And if we fall to the sea? No problem. Thanks to its Head Band, they are well attached to the head, so they will stay with you even if you fall. And, if there are a lot of waves, you can always use the Surf Cord, which will prevent you from losing them.

                                    Ainània Tècul practicing SUP Yoga with her Slastik Sun

Another activity (that we love) is SUP, and there are a thousand ways to practice it. When you do SUP race, you must concentrate on your time and effort to get results. And you can not keep an eye on your glasses. How many people frowning we see in the sea! As Francesc Creixell says “I’m still surprised of how many people don’t use sunglasses and are not able to see anything because of the reflections”.

Francesc Creixell training in  Barcelona

For us, the most important thing is your comfort. Because we do not want anything to distract you while practicing sports. Because we want to accompany you in all your routines. And because we want to do it by providing you with extreme comfort.

So you know, if you didn’t try Slastik Sun yet, we don’t know what you’re waiting for. Don’t leave home without them because, if something bothers you, it’s certainly not us.

Choose polarized lenses for water sports, here some options.

Slastik gafa con imán

Modelo METRO FIT BLACK ROCK with polarized lenses & antireflective treatment.

Wave Passion Red

Modelo WAVE TOO HOT with Policarbonate lenses & Long Life Polarized