At Slastik Sun we like to move and, therefore, we are always looking for the best way to enjoy sports while using the best material. In summer there are many hours of sun and it is important to protect from UV rays that go directly to our eyes and can damage them. The water reflects up to 80% more rays, and in summer we expose ourselves many hours to it. That is why it is important to choose quality glasses that avoid this direct contact. For those who still don’t know Slastik Sun, we not only create sunglasses, but make the perfect ones for practicing sports. Equipped with a flexible Head Band, they provide an exact fit to your head and ZERO movement. Thanks to the adjustable rods, the glasses will be 100% adjusted, so you can enjoy the sport without limits.

Hey, surf lovers, one question for you, how many times have you lost your sunglasses at the sea? How many times have the little drops on your lenses bothered you? We have suffered those problems and, therefore, so we finally decided to design a 100% sport proof product. The Water Proof 365 treatment of our lenses makes the water slide, so it doesn’t stick.


Furthermore you should know, if we spend many hours in the water, we must choose polarized crystals. Here some options.

Metro Fit Fresh Silver                                                                                          Hawk Carbon On Fire


And, if you prefer to go running during summer, we also have something specific for you. Imagine that it’s August, and you’re under the morning sun, sweat? Let’s say well, yes. No problem, we have strategically created lenses with little openings to avoid fogging them. And, as we mentioned before, the Water Proof 365 treatment will also prevent sweat from remaining on the crystals.




The Slastik Sunglasses were born above all for the extreme athletes, they are perfect for those who want to test themselves and overcome their limits. Because our glasses adapt completely to the head, giving a perfect perimeter adjustment. Once the rods are adapted to your size, the weight of the glasses is distributed throughout the cranial perimeter, giving a lightness sensation.


Because with Slastik, wearing sunglasses does not go against the sports practice.