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Following its “No Limits” philosophy, we support Álex Roca’s team in the toughest mountain bike race of the world.
Álex Roca, with a 76% physical disability, will travel the desert in a tàndem with four more participants. He wants to demonstrate that people with cerebral palsy can do everything they want.
That's why we launched the campaign No Me Paro, in which we will share their day to day in the Titan Desert, accompanied by 6 stories of overcoming people with cerebral palsy who has decided that they don’t have limits.

No Me Paro



No me paro

We will share each stage, to see the day to day of Álex Roca's team. And in parallel, as Alex advances in his challenge, we will share stories of other people who have suffered cerebral palsy but nothing has stopped them to reach their goals.
To raise funds for the Fundació Catalana per a la Paràlisi Cerebral, we launched a campaign in which we will donate 40% of the profits from all www.slastiksun.com sales. This campaign will run until May 13th, to invest in projects that improve the quality of life of those affected by cerebral palsy.

Titan Desert Summary

Previous stages


#nomeparo Stories

Benito Sánchez Martín 

Benito Sánchez Martín is 40 years old and, despite having suffered from cerebral palsy, competes in a Boccia mode. In 2014, he won the bronze medal in his debut with the Spanish team in Povoa (Portugal). In 2015 he won the Silver medal with his team at the Open de Sant Cugat and, in 2016, he made his debut at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro where he achieved the 9th position. His achievements do not end here, in 2017 he won the Bronze Medal with his team at the World Open in Seville and this year, he has already won the Silver Medal for individual at the World Open of (Pinto) Madrid.

Josep Capdevila Comas

Josep Capdevila Comas was born in 1958 and nothing prevented him from reaching his goals and competing in the categories of Slalom: WS2, Boccia: BC1 and Athletics: 100m chair, 200m wheelchair. Obtaining several medals in all modalities. National bronze medal in Slalom and several times champion of its category in Catalonia.
In Athletics, he managed to be champion of Spain and Catalonia in the modality of 100m and 200m wheelchair. In the Boccia modality, he got the silver medal and got 3 times the Bronze medal in Spain.

Veronica Pamies Morera has been competing in Boccia for 25 years. Throughout her career he has competed in 3 sports.
Athletics was a hobby for her. Due to its difficulty, she could not do height and distance tests, but she competed 2 years, obtaining the record of Catalonia.
After 2006, she made the professional jump into professional modality and won more than 30 medals during her sports career, arriving to participate at London 2012’s Olympics. After a few years of break, she has re-entered the Spanish boccia team and her goal is to participate in the Tokyo 2020’s Paralympics.

Oriol Miquel Belmunt 

Oriol Miquel Belmunt is 52 years old and has spastic tetraplegic cerebral palsy, but nothing prevented him from studying his graphic design and becoming an artist.
His work called "Cristina" was chosen among many to be exhibited at the Art Outsider - CREATIVIDAD E IMPULSÓN at the Regional Museum of Modern Art in Murcia. He has been invited to exhibit at La fiesta de la Música with the play "Dona / Violencia de Género" at the Santa Monica Arts Museum in Barcelona, among other achievements.

Ricardo del Santo Pérez

At his 40, Ricardo del Santo Pérez continues competing in the modalities of Slalom and Athletics. In his 22 years of sports career, he has been 10 times champion of Catalunya of Slalom in individual category he got 9 Gold Medals in his category.
In Athletics, he won 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze medals at the Catalan level. Winning 6 Gold medals and 5 Plates nationally.

Vanessa Fuentes Heredero

Vanessa is 37 years old, and nothing has prevented her from graduating in psychology and taking the Master's Degree in Education and ICT. She suffered cerebral palsy, but that never stopped her to dedicate herself to what she most desired and to lead a "normal" life.
She always says that her condition does not prevent her from working, since it does not affect her intellectual capacity. Because in life, each one marks his limits.