The Pou Brothers traveled to Africa to climb the second largest volcanic neck on the planet.

Pou Brothers, Iker and Eneko, overcomed themselves conquering the impressive Cao Grande needle, in free climbing. This is the third phase of the project “the 4 elements”. Before they had already passed the “air” project, climbing the Patagonia Argentina as well as the ascent to the Yakumama in the Amazon of Peru, named “Water” element.

Cao Grande is a landmark needle-shaped volcanic plug peak in São Tomé and Príncipe. In the Obo National Park. 663 m above sea level.

They have left behind them more than 600 meters extraplanted of basaltic rock. An eighth grade road that nobody has ever done before.

Apart from the ultra difficult conditions of this road, due to its hot, humid and rainy weather, it had another danger, the black cobra. This animal is the most dangerous on the island and there is no remedy for its bite. So you can imagine the fright when they found themselves face to face with it … Also, as they say, life in the jungle is not easy, “during the night it is very oppressive, since the sounds of animals multiply and the noise is deafening. ”

Despite the constant rain (they only had 2 days without it), they got their challenge. Conquering the most difficult route of Cao Grande, a wall of 8b + and a length of 450 meters. They baptized this route as “Leve-leve” which means “slow” or “quiet”, in honor of the popular saying of these islands.

To carry out this route they needed 14 hours, they achieved it just one hour before nightfall. And they were able to descend at night to the ground. And, as they did not have enough, they decided to overcome again by climbing the English route (Nubivagant 8b / 450metros) free to go home satisfied.

Always looking for new projects, Pou Brothers are unstoppable. We will have to wait to see where will be the fourth phase of the project. But, until then, here is the video of the FIRE project.